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Revolutionizing Midlife is a podcast for women who are ready for a different conversation. One where your power and worth are no longer defined by beauty, family, to do lists and taking care of everyone but yourself. In a world that focuses on the crisis of Midlife this podcast is a space to feel revitalized, holy, wild and free. A place to dust off your dreams, reconnect to your desire and come see what is possible when you embrace Midlife rather than throw in the towel.

Mar 30, 2022

Have you decided this is as good as it gets? 

That you’re not worthy of more?


Maybe you feel like you won’t fit in, won’t be understood, or are different from the women who do transformational, healing work (I’ve heard it all before!)

But hear me when I say - not only are you worthy of more, Sister, but it is...

Mar 23, 2022

In my spaces -

Every single woman belongs.

Every single woman has a voice.

And every single woman is celebrated!


In today’s episode, I am coming to you with a full heart after celebrating a powerful six months with my Queen’s Reign Mastermind sisters. We journeyed together, formed incredibly rich relationships,...

Mar 16, 2022

What have you absorbed about what it means to be an aging woman in the world? Have these standards of age and beauty been set for you, or do you deeply believe in them? In today’s episode, I invite pro-aging advocate and talent & lifestyle model, Karen Williams, to talk all things Midlife, natural aging, and...

Mar 9, 2022

You’ve heard me say it before, Sisters - Midlife is where the magic lives! But with all that beauty comes challenges to our happiness and healing. And through the struggles of raising children and caring for parents whose health is ailing - we can often stop listening to our inner voice and lose that vital guidance...

Mar 2, 2022

Does it sometimes feel like something is missing in your life? Have you done the things you were “supposed to” and still find yourself wanting or empty? This is because you have been searching your entire life for this one thing - YOU. And this journey of coming back to yourself -  it is the answer to the emptiness,...