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Revolutionizing Midlife is a podcast for women who are ready for a different conversation. One where your power and worth are no longer defined by beauty, family, to do lists and taking care of everyone but yourself. In a world that focuses on the crisis of Midlife this podcast is a space to feel revitalized, holy, wild and free. A place to dust off your dreams, reconnect to your desire and come see what is possible when you embrace Midlife rather than throw in the towel.

Nov 3, 2021

As we approach Midlife and beyond, aging is a concept commonly shrouded in fear and hesitancy. But in today’s show, we are exposing ageism for what it is - a form of discrimination we ALL experience or will experience. My guest today, Ashton Applewhite - author and activist - shares her wisdom on aging and how we can leverage the awareness of ageism to help foster solidarity in the world. We dive deep into the larger social systems that allow ageism to move forward and how we can shift our attitudes toward aging to help us create new rules and rituals to allow for more equity, inclusion & diversity in our lives. 


We’re diving into:

  • Revolutionizing the way we (women in particular!) consider the experience of aging
  • How ageism is fueled in our society and how the patriarchy plays a role
  • The intersection of ageism and sexism
  • How the cultural attitude toward aging actually affects how our minds and bodies function
  • Behaviors of beauty and releasing shame around our beauty conditioning
  • The FREE anti-ageism resources you need if you want to learn more!
  • And so much more! 


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